Services And Rates

YumiLash eyelash enhancement lash enhancement withOUT extension

Facials are customized to your individual skin care needs and concerns. We use professional grade botanicales from Tuel skin care system.  Tuel is cold pressed extracts free of animal by products, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic dyes or fragrances is 100% vegan and is NEVER tested on animals.

 Microdermabrasion is mechanical exfoliation used to remove dead skin cells on the face, chest and hands, leaving the skin brighter and smoother, with a noticeable reduction in fine lines, scars and hyperpigmentation. For optimal results this treatment should be preformed in a series of 5 treatments.

Resurfacing treatments is a microdermabrasion paired with a protein dissolving enzyme resulting in softer smoother skin while minimizing fine lines.  

Dermaplaining exfoliates the epidermis ridding the skin of fine peach fuzz hair. This procedure minimizes fine lines and hyperpigmentation for a smoother younger looking glow.

Body treatments and scrubs include seaweed cellulite wraps as well as sea salt body scrubs. 

Back treatments include complete cleansing, exfoliation, mask and massage for the skin.

Manual lymph drainage and cupping is a gentle massage that encourages lymph flow which decreases facial puffiness while boosting the immune system.

Love the skin you're in. Take charge of your health and beauty today with professional skin care.

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Back Treatment$45.00 / each
Body Treatments - Cellulite wrap, body wrap or scurb$80.00 / each
Brow Waxing$7.00 / each
Chemical Exfoliation / Peels$50.00 / each
Chemical Peel paired with a Microdermabrasion$75.00 / each
Custom Facials$50.00 / each
Dermaplan$45.00 / each
eyelash/eyebrow tinting (per service)$35.00 / each
Facial with Enzyme$50.00 / each
Lymph Drainage Therapy$25.00 / 15 minutes
Microdermabrasion$45.00 / each
Waxing - Bikini$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing - Chin$10.00 / each
Waxing - Ear$4.00 / each
Waxing - Full leg$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing - Lower leg$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing - Nose$8.00 / each
Waxing - Underarm$10.00 / each
Waxing - Upper lip$7.00 / each
Waxing Back - starting at$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing Brazilian$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing Chest - starting at$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing Full arm and hand$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing Full leg with Bikini$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing Half arm and hand$2.00 / 1 minute
Waxing Hands and Feet$8.00 / each
Waxing upper leg with bikini$2.00 / 1 minute
YumiLash treatmens (this rate is per session)$150.00 / each